Working and planning with your wedding photographer before your big day can make a huge difference in the results of your photos.

Here are 5 tips to help you with your wedding day photos:

1. Get ready in a room with lots of natural window light. Not only will this help your make up artist, the photos will be absolutely stunning. Your photographer will be able to use this big natural light source to get a variety of looks (backlighting the scene, side-lighting to bring out texture……..etc…). Another plus to a room with natural window light is being able to get one of those beautiful wedding dress shots that you see in magazines.

2. Talk with your photographer about the time of day that photos of the bridal party and bride/groom will take place. We would all love to take photos right before sunset when the light is gorgeous but sometimes this is impossible due to ceremony times and reception times (times of year……..etc…). Ask your photographer for a few samples that were taken in the middle of the day. You want to make sure that they can deliver amazing images even if you are stuck doing your photos outside at noon with no shade. I took the image below at 1:30pm right out in direct sun. By knowing where to place the couple and how to expose the image properly, the results can be mazing no matter what.

3. Plan for bad weather. Sometimes mother nature decides to send a few sprinkles your way (sometimes a little more). Don’t let it ruin your wedding day or your wedding photos. Plan for the rain and you will be prepared to handle it.

I recommend picking up a few umbrellas that go with your color scheme (or solid black). You could also pack a pair of rain boots and make the most of the puddles……….your images would be unique and fun. Talk with your photographer about a plan for when it rains. If you are both prepared for it, you will now just what to do when it happens. You will still walk away with beautiful photos.

4. If you have a few fun photos that you want with your bridal party (or just the two of you) make sure you talk with your photographer about the ideas before the big day. Not all brides and grooms like the silly photos so if you want a photo of the bridal party jumping up in the air……simply talk with your photographer and they can make it happen. Since many people do not want those types of photos, there is a good chance your photographer will not bring it up unless asked.

5. Get together with your photographer and work on a timeline together. By working on the details with your photographer, he or she can give you tips on what will work best for photos. They can let you know what time to get into your dress to make sure you enough time for those photos you want before the ceremony. Don’t just hand your photographer a finished timeline……..make a list of everything that you want to happen and your photographer will be able to lay it out in a way that makes sense (or give you advice on parts of the day that may require more time).

Check back every week or 2 for a new list of wedding planning tips. I will also be featuring other vendors (wedding planners, florists, cinematographers, cake designers, make up artists, hair stylists, DJ’s and more).